ADOC International

Reduced turnaround time due to equipment failure Improve the quality of the customer’s environment

ADOC Repair Service offers comprehensive contracted repair/reproduction services for telecommunications equipment manufactured by overseas manufacturers in the event of equipment failure. It reduces man-hours required for complicated and specialized handling, shortens turnaround time, and achieves the quality standards of domestic telecommunications carriers across language and cultural barriers. Facilitates the use of open and cutting-edge overseas products and contributes to the promotion of innovation.


  • Shorten turnaround time by separating the need for manufacturer support
  • Reduction of man-hours required to deal with complicated and specialized manufacturers
  • Manage and promote failure information and cause analysis to improve the quality of the customer’s environment
  • Flexible support from small to large quantities for rapid introduction

Special Feature

  • Items covered: Small telecommunications equipment such as optical termination equipment, on-premises modems, etc.
  • Basic Pack: Operation check, cleaning/refurbishment (sticker removal), sticker application, individual packaging, and batch delivery by pallet truck
  • Options: Seal creation, software rewriting for defective products, hardware repair (re-soldering, parts replacement, etc.)
  • Standard turnaround time: 2 weeks
  • Reference price: 800 yen/unit (basic pack)
  • Capacity: 2,000 units/month

More Product Details


Leading products + technical services

From providing software products to consulting, system design, development, testing, operation, and maintenance. Beginning with the implementation of test automation tools that will dramatically improve development/QA division QCD, we provide IT services that are required and demanded by businesses and development environments.


Exclusive services for resolving a variety of issues

We have prepared unique service programs, which utilize our wealth of experience and knowledge. Through solutions such as our platform building services, which can swiftly apply the global standard test automation tool "Eggplant," we contribute to sustained improvement of the enterprise values of our customers.