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Efficiency Tools for IaC Operations Management

The tool simplifies the management and reusage of the vast number of IaC (Infrastruture as Service) files, builds infrastructure environment, develops applications, and makes verification and testing more efficient and optimal.

Making Application Development Efficient and Speedy through Introducing IaC and Container Control Plane

Torque is an IaC and Container Control Plane service that centralizes modularized IaC files, such as Terraform and Helm in a format called “Grain.” The grains are freely combined in “blueprints,” which can be deployed and deactivated on-demand.

Torque enables a high degree of customization and efficiency for the IaC operational workflow targeting multi-cloud resources, such as AWS and Azure. It improves the agility, automation, and governance of our client’s software services.

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IaC operational flow efficiency by Torque


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From providing software products to consulting, system design, development, testing, operation, and maintenance. Beginning with the implementation of test automation tools that will dramatically improve development/QA division QCD, we provide IT services that are required and demanded by businesses and development environments.


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We have prepared unique service programs, which utilize our wealth of experience and knowledge. Through solutions such as our platform building services, which can swiftly apply the global standard test automation tool "Eggplant," we contribute to sustained improvement of the enterprise values of our customers.