ADOC International

The Scope of Our Services
(related to network and server equipment)

Our track record related to various network and and server equipment can be found below. We also provide solutions using automation tools, proposals for introducing log-analysis systems, and repair services for telecommunications equipment.


We are pleased to be highly trusted for the engineering services we provide in the hope that our clients can be truly satisfied. Here are some feedback we received from our customers with case examples.

We Look Forward to Working Together as Partners in Advancing the ICT Infrastructure

Nokia Solutions and Networks Japan G.K.
Mr. Yutaka Ashida,
General manager of the KDDI Group, MN Service Division

As the Japanese subsidiary of Nokia, whose mission is “to create technology for the world to work together,” we are mainly engaged in the sale and installation of telecommunications equipment for telecommunications carriers.

I am the manager responsible for delivering our services. I have had a long relationship with ADOC as an engineering partner in the area of infrastructure implementation for telecommunications carriers in Japan. Since 2002, ADOC has continued to help us implement mobile systems, which are key to our clients’ business strategies.

Led by President Kobayashi, ADOC has the technology, and also believes in putting people first. It is a trustworthy company that always supports us when we face problems. ADOC is an essential partner for constructing advanced systems undergoing significant developments to 5G and 6G in the future. We hope to get continuous support from ADOC, working together to advance Japan’s ICT infrastructure while maintaining and improving quality.


Contributing to the Rapid Commercialization of Telecommunications and Achieving Population Coverage Targets

Rakuten Mobile, Inc.

ADOC has been an engineering partner of Rakuten Mobile, Inc. (Rakuten) since 2020, providing advanced technical services in the field of cutting-edge information and telecommunications infrastructure.

Rakuten was conducting an unprecedented project to launch a new telecommunication company in Japan in an era of engineer shortages. We needed to flexibly meet the standards of Rakuten’s proud technical services that were advanced and fast-paced. ADOC offers a wide range of services from the management of network construction, including the installation of stations, to support for business operations and efficiency improvement.

As a result of our efforts, we were able to make some contribution to achieving the 4G population coverage of 96% in 2022, four years ahead of the initial target. We will continue to support Rakuten in their endeavor to establish innovative communication technologies and service expansions.



Supporting the Introduction of World-Standard Wireless Technology to Japan Across Cultural Boundaries

Airspan Japan, Inc.

Airspan Japan, Inc. (Airspan ) is headquartered in Florida, USA. As their business partner, ADOC has been providing superior technical services in the areas of next-generation communications and collaboration, including the introduction of 4G and 5G infrastructure for Japanese telecommunications carriers.

We needed to provide technical services globally across cultural boundaries to introduce the wireless technology to Japan from AirSpan, the world leader in cloud-native Open RAN. ADOC has met these expectations by establishing a flexible support system for the construction, operation, and maintenance of products. We address a variety of issues that arise in the field and provide support so that Japanese users can fully enjoy the true value of AirSpan products.

Our foundation is based on our extensive experience and track record in the telecommunications industry. We will continue to powerfully support AirSpan and its innovations, focusing on expanding its business and keeping its Japanese telecommunications infrastructure the most advanced in the world.