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Automation Tool for Exploratory AI Testing

This tool automates the overall test cycle to achieve the software quality that is hard to achieve manually. At the same time, it incorporates the DevOps environment in an ideal manner and actualizes a rapid release.

World’s First AI-Based Exploratory Test Automation Tool

Eggplant significantly broadens the test coverage of E2E to improve software quality. It contributes to improving the competitive edge of services and reduces the work hours from backtracking. The combination of AI and image recognition technology are utilized to automate the overall test cycle of test design, execution, and reporting. The tool supports your in-house management as an optimal testing tool for the development environment needed in a digital transformation era, such as DevOps and front-loading.


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Product Overview

Eggplant Implementation and Running


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From providing software products to consulting, system design, development, testing, operation, and maintenance. Beginning with the implementation of test automation tools that will dramatically improve development/QA division QCD, we provide IT services that are required and demanded by businesses and development environments.


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We have prepared unique service programs, which utilize our wealth of experience and knowledge. Through solutions such as our platform building services, which can swiftly apply the global standard test automation tool "Eggplant," we contribute to sustained improvement of the enterprise values of our customers.