ADOC International




Our Core Competence:
Passion and Excelling On-Site

ADOC is a group of independent engineers engaging in global businesses. We work each day committed to being the best partner for our clients with the following core competence: the PASSION to fully answer your request and needs, and EXCELLING ON-SITE based on superior technology.


A Pursuit of Services from an Operational Perspective

Our desire is to “provide services that truly satisfy our users.” With this desire, we utilize our knowledge and know-how cultivated over many years to conduct various projects, ensuring we keep up with the ever-evolving IT trends. The services we provide are designed from the client’s operational perspectives and covers from telecommunications infrastructure to developing corporate information systems.


Global Expansion in Collaboration with Leading Partners

We solve your issues with our unique technology developed through our global business expansions and collaboration projects with a wide variety of partner companies. In order to provide our high-quality services, we have developed synergies with leading partners in a global business network.