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Transform the quality and cost of system operation through integrated management and visualization of vast amounts of log data. Transform the quality and cost of system operations

ADOC Data Analysis Service (ADAS) is an integrated log data management, analysis, and operation infrastructure building service. ADAS provides consulting, design, construction, maintenance support, and operation management services in a single package. ADAS significantly reduces the time spent analyzing and investigating logs, and also enables effective use of logs and improved system productivity.


  • Utilizes log analysis templates based on extensive experience to quickly build an advanced log analysis infrastructure
  • High usability achieved by specialists in system operation and analysis infrastructure design

Special Feature

  • High-speed search and tabulation of huge terabytes of log data
  • Failure analysis dashboard for quick access to desired data
  • Perform data anomaly detection/alerting

More Product Details


Leading products + technical services

From providing software products to consulting, system design, development, testing, operation, and maintenance. Beginning with the implementation of test automation tools that will dramatically improve development/QA division QCD, we provide IT services that are required and demanded by businesses and development environments.


Exclusive services for resolving a variety of issues

We have prepared unique service programs, which utilize our wealth of experience and knowledge. Through solutions such as our platform building services, which can swiftly apply the global standard test automation tool "Eggplant," we contribute to sustained improvement of the enterprise values of our customers.