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A Purely Japanese RPA


Our RPA is a software-based robot that automates PC operations by learning all types of application maneuvers from Windows terminals, covering Excel, browsers, and individual business systems. It promotes your workflow improvement.

Top RPA market share in Japan

WinActor is a purely Japanese RPA solution produced by the NTT Laboratory in 2010. It is fully Japanese compatible with a large library with an intuitive GUI. It improves operations in-house, which is important for automation. It brings fast and steady digital transformation to white-collar operations bound by specific software and manual operations.

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Video library showcasing WinActor/DX Suite

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Leading products + technical services

From providing software products to consulting, system design, development, testing, operation, and maintenance. Beginning with the implementation of test automation tools that will dramatically improve development/QA division QCD, we provide IT services that are required and demanded by businesses and development environments.


Exclusive services for resolving a variety of issues

We have prepared unique service programs, which utilize our wealth of experience and knowledge. Through solutions such as our platform building services, which can swiftly apply the global standard test automation tool "Eggplant," we contribute to sustained improvement of the enterprise values of our customers.